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Pet Waste Professionals provides pet waste management and removal services throughout the Dallas Fort Worth service area. We serve both residential and commercial pet waste removal on a weekly basis, regardless of where you are in Dallas or Fort Worth. At Pet Waste Professionals, our mission is to give you a clean, green and healthy yard so you, your family and furry friends can enjoy a harmonious environment.

We’re huge proponents of giving back. We’ve donated thousands of dollars worth of proceeds toward the Animal Humane Society along with other charities throughout Texas. We love every pet we meet and want the same life of happiness for all our furry friends throughout the country. To learn more about the Animal Humane Society or to donate, click here.

At Pet Waste Professionals, environmental awareness and safety is our priority. That’s why we use biodegradable bags for all of our pet waste removal, and take them to their designated landfill for decomposition. 

Misconceptions About Dog Waste

Millions of people in America grew up believing dog waste was good for plants. However, scientists have since discovered it was actually very toxic—and not just for the plants. Misconceptions about dog waste stem from certain animal waste being used as fertilizer. The truth is, waste from only grazing animals (herbivores like cows, horses, sheep and goats) are healthy for plants—because it’s made from 100% plant material.

When it comes down to it, dog waste is essentially raw sewage. Dog manure is the farthest thing from fertilizer, and contains very harmful organisms that pose a threat to the health of not only your yard, but everyone around them. These harmful and toxic organisms transfer to both children and adults, and survive for months at a time. In fact, just one week of dog waste can accumulate upwards of 700 billion toxic bacteria. 

When people walk through dog waste-contaminated yards, hundreds of thousands of harmful bacteria are brought back into their homes. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), one gram of dog waste contains around 20 million live organisms (parasites, bacteria, and other germs) which are incredibly harmful to humans. Some of these include the following and lead to the below conditions:

  • Campylobacteriosis
  • Salmonellosis
  • Toxocariasis
  • Fecal coliform
  • Roundworm
  • Cysticercosis

There are around 1.2 million dogs in North Texas. When it comes to sewage, that’s equivalent to a city the size of Dallas—without toilets. Most Americans don’t realize it, but Dallas dogs leave behind roughly 900,000 lbs of waste (sewage) per day, significantly contributing to environmental pollution.

When you hire a professional dog waste removal and cleanup service, you directly aid in improving the environment of Dallas and Fort Worth. Our biodegradable bags and environmentally friendly cleanup process ensures a totally green solution to a very common issue.

Pet Waste Cleanup for Homeowner Associations

Keep your neighborhood pristine and spotless with Pet Waste Professionals. We serve both residential and commercial pet waste cleanups, ensuring environmentally conscious processes and results. Our pet waste management and removal service is a wonderful amenity that any HOA can afford.

Pet Waste Cleanup Parks and Recreation Departments

Keep your city park safe and clean with our affordable Pet waste management and removal service. Harmful organisms thriving in pet waste pose a danger to both children and adults, persisting on the ground for weeks. Make sure your city parks are safe and environmentally healthy for North Texas families.

Pet Waste Cleanup for Apartment Communities

Keep your tenants happy and healthy with Pet Waste Professionals. Our eco-friendly pet waste removal service is a great ammentity that helps keep all your tenants—and their families—happy. To make ordering our services as easy as possible, Dallas and Fort Worth residential customers can order pet waste management and removal services online.

When you commit to 4 months of service with us, Pet Waste Professionals will give you a free month of cleanups. For more information, take a look at our special offers for new customers.

Stay Happy and Healthy With Pet Waste Professionals

Get started with eco-friendly pet waste cleanups today. We’ll come out weekly, monthly, or however often you need us. Pet Waste Professionals uses green products and practices when cleaning and picking up pet waste, keeping Dallas and Fort Worth happy and healthy.

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