Commercial Pet Waste Cleanup Services

Commercial Services

Pet Waste Professionals serves anyone needing pet waste removal services. We’re an eco-friendly company keeping both the Dallas-Fort Worth and Minneapolis-St. Paul metroplex clean and healthy for all residents and furry friends to enjoy. Our pet waste removal services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed with weekly cleanups and professional maintenance at incredibly low costs.

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Skip the hassle and sign up online for immediate booking of our pet waste removal services. We offer weekly cleanups with simple and easy online ordering so you can book today.

Pet Waste Professionals offers exclusive specials throughout Dallas, Fort Worth and Minneapolis-St. Paul. If you’re a first time customer, you get one month of free pet waste removal for using our services for 4 months. To find out more about our special offers, click here.

Professional Pet Waste Removal Services

Our commercial pet waste removal services offer thorough clean ups for homeowner associations, apartment communities and parks and recreation departments. Pet Waste Professionals maintains an incredibly high standard for spotless parks, communities and public areas. Science shows pet waste contains harmful organisms, and promotes the growth of bacteria that can transmit to humans. That’s why we constantly maintain spectacular services and clean results each and every time.

Environmental health and safety is among our top goals at Pet Waste Professionals. That’s why we use biodegradable bags when removing pet waste, and dispose of them in the appropriate landfill for decomposition.

We are a proud supporter of charity organizations and giving back. We’ve donated thousands of dollars of our proceeds towards non-profit organizations like the Animal Humane Society, and continue to donate with every dollar we make. To learn more about the Animal Humane Society or to donate, click here.

Homeowner Associations

Pet Waste Professionals keeps homeowners association neighborhoods throughout Dallas-Fort Worth and Minneapolis-St. Paul prime and pristine. Our professional weekly services and low costs ensure any HOA can constantly enjoy clean, waste-free neighborhoods at consistently high standards. To book our services online, click here.

Parks and Recreation Departments

Keep your city park safe and cleant with our affordable

Keep your city parks safe, clean and healthy with Pet Waste Professionals weekly cleanup services. Our professional services and low rates make it easy for cities throughout Dallas-Fort Worth and Minneapolis-St. Paul to maintain pristine, healthy parks and public areas for everyone to enjoy. To sign up online, click here.

Pet Waste management and removal service.

Apartment Communities

Pet Waste Professionals keeps tenants happy and healthy with spotless weekly cleanup services for apartment communities throughout Dallas-Fort Worth and Minneapolis-St. Paul. Our weekly low rates allows any apartment complex to afford professional services with environmentally-friendly results. Click here to get started online today.

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Dog waste bags and stations

Pet Waste Professionals

For spotless results and outstanding customer service, choose Pet Waste Professionals. Book online for professional commercial pet waste removal services today. 

Complete Dog Waste Removal Service

Our uniformed pet waste professionals are ready to work.
First we remove pet waste and clean the common areas.
Then we remove and propertly dispose the bags.
We will also check your service station bags and replish the stock.

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