Winter Dog Weight

Photo by Gryllus M on Shutterstock

Article written by Poop Away – Taunton, MA Pooper Scooper

Lets face it, it’s really easy to put on a little extra weight in the winter. It’s cold, and the season is full of rich foods and holiday parties. But a little extra weight on our dog can be a huge problem. Dogs are very sensitive to weight changes, and being a little overweight can dramatically affect their quality of life and lifespan.

So what can we do to avoid packing those winter pounds on our dogs?

The same thing we can do for ourselves, watch what we feed them and exercise! Exercise is especially important for our dogs as it not only burns calories, but it helps dogs control their behavior. If we can get our dogs out for a walk even when it’s one of those brutal winter days, keeping that routine will go a long way towards keeping them healthy and happy.

If you just can’t take your dog out as much, consider reducing their food. This is harder to do properly without reducing their nutritional intake and should only be done in consultation with your veterinarian. Reducing treats and sticking to high quality food sources, and keeping them away from the holiday cookie platter helps too!

Winter weight doesn’t have to be a problem, with a little planning and focus we can keep our dogs (and ourselves!) healthy through these winter months.