About Pet Waste Professionals

Pet Waste Professionals were set up to specialize in safe, clean and environmentally conscious dog poop removal from lawns and yards in the Dallas / Fort Worth and Minneapolis / St Paul areas.

The founders of the Company aimed to set up the most professional and environmentally conscious dog poop scooping service there is – the kind of service they would want. Every element of our dog waste removal service is focussed on these core brand values.

We operate a Once, Twice, Three times a week, or Every Other Week, clean-up service to households in the metro area, all year-round. Our 100% Guarantee of Satisfaction ensures that our customers are always happy with our yard clean up service.

Pet Waste Professionals specialize in the regular clean-up, removal, and disposal of dog waste from your lawn and yard areas. Here are just a few reasons to use Pet Waste Professionals….[Learn More]

Pet Waste Management vs. Pooper Scooper

The Pet Waste Professional Difference

How do you tell the difference between a dog waste removal expert and a pooper scooper? This guide will help. [Learn More]

As the name suggests, we want to be considered as the most professional pet waste removal company there is. Everything that we do is with this ‘professional’ element in sharp focus….[Learn More]

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