Preventing Lawn Dog Damage if You Have a Dog

Photo by Nick Mundackal on Unsplash

Article provided by Pet Scoop – Boulder, CO Dog Poop Removal

Pet owners face a challenge in trying to keep their lawns healthy, as pets can do serious damage.

Lawn damage is most obvious in grass that’s green and actively growing, which is most apparent in the spring and summer months.

Dog urine can be dangerous to your lawn. Both male and female dogs can cause this type of damage, but male dogs tend to do more damage due to the fact that their urine is more concentrated. The damage occurs when your dog’s urine is concentrated in a single area. It is like pouring some fertilizer in a single spot on the grass. The nutrients are more than the grass can handle which burns the roots and the grass dies. The primary nutrient responsible for the damage is urea, a form of organic nitrogen.

Here are some tips for reducing the amount of lawn damage your dog does:

  • After your dog has gone outside, spray the urine spots with water.
  • Choose nutritious foods that the body can readily digest.
  • Make sure you increase your dog’s water intake during the summer months.
  • Designate an area of your house as the preferred bathroom location for your dog.
  • To repair damaged areas, spread a layer of fresh topsoil and seed with grasses that are known to tolerate high nitrogen levels.

Nitrogen from dog poop is released much more slowly, so the longer you leave it on your lawn, the more likely it will be to negatively impact your grass. Grass underneath is also not exposed to sunlight or air, which can also contribute to dead spots on the lawn.