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Dallas Dog Poop Clean Up Pricing Table

To receive the 4th Month Free for our regular Dallas dog poop clean up service, as included in our 4 Month Commitment offer, please select the specific service that best suits your needs from the Pricing Table below.  When you commit to 4 months of Dallas dog poop clean up service there is NO extra cost for a first time cleanup.

You will be invoiced in advanced for the first month and then again at the beginning of the second and third months but for the fourth month you will receive no charge, assuaging our 4 Month Commitment.  Our dog waste removal service and associated charges then continue every month unless you cancel.  Please note, only new customers can receive the free month of dog waste removal service.

Prices for the rate per visit are shown below.  To compute the average monthly rate from these prices below, we multiple 4.333 (average number of weeks per month per year) by the weekly rate.  For example, monthly dog poop clean up service for 1 animal would be $10.95 x 4.333, which yields to $47.45 for every month.  You can browse the monthly rates swiftly by selecting a service from below and adding it to the cart – our website calculates the monthly total, and no need to worry, you aren’t committing to a purchase at this point.

Sales tax will apply to all rates quoted.

Our Prices for Regular Service are as follows:

of Dogs
Times per Week (price per visit) Every Other Week
(price per 2 weeks)
Once Twice Three Times
Not Recommended
Not Recommended
Not Recommended
Not Recommended

One Time Cleanup

For One Dog – $89.00
For Two Dogs – $99.00
For Three Dogs – $109.00
For Four Dogs – $119.00

We will email you to confirm your service day and any other details once we receive your completed order.  

Please note that we cannot provide same day or next day service - all of our routes are finalized 24 hours in advance.  We also do not work to, or provide, service times. Additionally, we cannot guarantee specific week days for regular service - if you need a particular day please check with us before placing your order.

If you would rather not order on-line, please call 800-769-2002 and we will be pleased to take your order over the telephone.

These prices are applicable for properties up to half an acre (including the house), and up to 7 dogs. For prices for any larger jobs please contact us for a free quote.

Weekly Service From Only $10.95 One Month Free Offer - Dallas

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