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Pet Waste Management / Yard Cleanup Services

Pet Waste Professionals provides a yard and lawn pet waste management service on a regular (Once, Twice, Three times per Week or Every Other Week) schedule.

Our highly trained operators, in clearly marked trucks, visit residential homes and provide the pet waste management in a professional, courteous manner. All of our operators wear easily distinguishable uniforms, are screened for crimes and fully insured.

Pet Waste Truck

Our operators scoop the pet waste into biodegradable bags and treat the area with spray containing enzymes which speed the breakdown (if there are any remnants on the grass). The yard is covered in a pattern which ensures that the whole yard is completely covered and that no spots are missed. However, we admit that very rarely pet waste can be missed, and when that happens we will return and collect anything left behind within 24 hours - that is our 100% Guarantee of Satisfaction.

Upon initial sign-up, customers will be asked where their pets typically ‘go’ and this will be noted on our computer system, which the operators link into remotely.  However, your pets behaviour can change over time and between different seasons, and as such our notes are a ‘work in progress’ constantly being updated by the operators so that whichever of our staff visit your yard, the same high standard of service is provided.

Once the pet waste management is completed, Pet Waste Professionals operators will take the waste with them, removing it from your property. This waste is later deposited in specially designated landfill.

Each time a Pet Waste Professionals operator leaves a customer’s property, we leave a flag letting you know service has been completed.

Pet Waste Flag - Your Yard Has Been Cleaned

As a secondary service, our operators will note if the waste shows signs of the pet potentially having a disease or parasite and the owner will be alerted.

At all times our office systems track our operator’s trucks by GPS. This tells us how long they have been at your property, at what time of day, and so on. All of this ensures that you get the best, most cost-effective solution for your pet waste clean-up needs.

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I have two big dogs, a big yard, and little time. Your service has helped me tons.