DFW Dog Waste Removal Service Plans

Please choose a service plan to proceed to checkout.

Visits Per Week (price per visit)
Number of Dogs Once Twice Three Times Every Other Week
1 $11.95 $8.95 $7.95 $17.95
2 $14.95 $11.95 $9.95 $21.95
3 $17.95 $14.95 $12.95 $26.95
4 $20.95 $16.95 $14.95 N/A
5 $22.95 $19.95 $17.95 N/A
6 $24.95 $21.95 $19.95 N/A
7 $26.95 $23.95 $21.95 N/A

How many dogs do you have?

Number of Dogs Price Per Visit
1 $11.95
2 $14.95
3 $17.95
4 $20.95
5 $22.95
6 $24.95
7 $26.95

How many dogs do you have?

Number of Dogs Price Per Visit
1 $8.95
2 $11.95
3 $14.95
4 $16.95
5 $19.95
6 $21.95
7 $23.95

How many dogs do you have?

Number of Dogs Price Per Visit
1 $7.95
2 $9.95
3 $12.95
4 $14.95
5 $17.95
6 $19.95
7 $21.95

How many dogs do you have?

Number of Dogs Price Per Visit
1 $17.95
2 $21.95
3 $26.95
4 N/A
5 N/A
6 N/A
7 N/A

How It Works

Pick a plan and we will calculate the monthly service amount which is the average number of weeks per month per year (4.333) by the above weekly rate. For example, monthly dog poop clean up service for 1 dog would be $10.95 x 4.333, or $47.45 for every month plus applicable local sales tax. We calculate sales tax off your billing address when you checkout. All new customer have to commit to a minimum of 4 months of regular service.

Sign Up Today and Your First-Time Cleanup is FREE!

When you checkout today you are paying your first month of service. The subsequent months will be charged automatically on the renewal date that depends when you first signed up.  Your first-time cleanup is FREE no matter how long it has been since your last cleanup, charged at only the regular rate, when you commit to 4 Months of regular service.

What’s Next?

After you complete the checkout process we will follow up with you by email to confirm your order details, provide your regular service day(s) and provide the date of your first-time cleanup.

Please Keep In Mind

Here are some additional details about how are service works that we ask that you consider to make sure our service is right for you

Our Routing Software Keep Prices Low

One of the reasons our prices are so low is that we use routing software to find the most optimal service routes. The money we save on labor and fuel costs are passed on to you with lower service fees. Since our routes are optimized for efficiency it means we cannot guarantee specific times.  We also cannot guarantee service days – if you need a particular day of service please contact us in advance of placing an order.  We try to provide the day you request but we are not in every area on every day.

Same Day and Next Day Service Is Not Available

Service begins on the day we are scheduled to service your neighborhood. However, our routing schedules are fixed 24 hours in advance. That means if you happen to order the day before we service your neighborhood we will have to get you on the next trip.

As soon as you order online we will add you to the schedule and confirm your service date via email. That said, if you prefer to know your service date in advance please call us at 1-800-769-2002. We will happily answer your questions and can take your order right over the phone.

If You Have A Really Big Yard or More Than Seven Dogs You Need A Custom Qoute

The above pricing table assumes a lot size up to half an acre (including the house) with up to 7 dogs. If your situation falls outside those guidelines please call us for a custom qoute. We want your business and will do very best to accomodate your needs.

We Love Serving Customers

If you have questions about our service or need to make a special request please call us. We will do our best to answer your questions and satisfy any concerns your might have. If you decide to move forward we will happily take your order over the phone if you would oprefer not to order online. The number to call is 800-769-2002.

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