Twin Cities Spring-Clean Special Offer

FREE Spring Cleanup – with 4 Month Commitment to our Regular Service

At this time of year, we offer a FREE Spring Cleanup to anyone wanting to commit to at least 4 months of our regular service.

Our weekly service costs from $13.95, but we’re offering a FREE Spring Cleanup service. The only thing we ask is that you commit to 4 months – if you don’t complete the 4 months of regular service the Spring Cleanup becomes chargeable.

The Free Spring Cleanup is your first visit of the 4 Months and we will be at your yard around an hour – longer for multiple dogs. You will just be charged for the regular service rate, in advance each month until you cancel. We will automatically add the Free Spring Cleanup to your order at this time of year, and we will contact you to let you know when we will start. If a yard still has snow or ice in it, we will need that to thaw before we start.

If you don’t complete the 4 month commitment, the FREE Spring Cleanup becomes chargeable at the one-time rate (Starting at $175 for 1 dog, $200 for 2 dogs, $250 for 3 dogs etc) in addition to any monthly payments already made.

We think that this is the best spring clean offer out there – but if you find a better offer in the Twin Cities, call us and we’ll match it.

Please Note that we no longer provide One-Time Spring Cleanups.  We only provide Spring Cleanups with 4 months commitment to our regular service.

We invite you to review pricing and order regular residential dog waste removal service online.

Never Scoop Again!

Our Minnesota routes are full at this time. Please visit our website later again.