Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you visit our property?

Most customers opt for our weekly, twice-weekly or every other week service, and that is usually enough to keep your yard clean. We do have a three times a week service designed if you have several dogs, this service being on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

What service do you offer?

Other companies will scoop, but Pet Waste Professionals also treat lawns with eco-friendly sprays, use bio-degradable bags AND take the dog waste away with us for disposal. Click here for a full description of our services.

Do you clean all year round?

Yes, absolutely, we work all year round. Your dog doesn’t stop pooping so we don’t stop working.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, there is no need for a contract. You can cancel our service at any time - just give us 24 hours notice of your usual service day.  For certain special offers there are commitments to duration of service.

How do you guarantee satisfaction?

We ensure your satisfaction by re-visiting your property within 24 hours if you let us know you’re not happy that we’ve removed all of your dog’s waste.  You must notify us within 24 hours of your last service so that we can assess the situation properly. The only caveat to our guarantee is if the yard is full of leaves or the grass is very long - from a practical perspective if we can’t see the dog waste, we cannot remove it in it’s entirety.  This also applies to snow and ice - we cannot remove dog waste encased in ice even though it may be visible.

Are you fully insured?

Yes, we are a professional organization and so carry worker’s compensation and liability insurance.

Should I unlock my gate?

We will need access to your yard if you are not at home. We can make various arrangements with you to ensure that our gaining access is as easy as possible for you.  Please note that we do not work to, or provide, service times.

Can you work with my dog(s) in the yard?

Yes, we love dogs and love being around them. We like to meet you and your dog on our first visit so that everyone’s introduced and we are welcomed into your yard in the future. However, if your dog is likely to stop us getting onto your property, they will have to be confined while we clean up the yard, as we will have to charge for a visit if we haven’t been able to gain access because of your dog.

What if I want to skip a service day?

Not a problem. Just call or email us and we can skip your service as long as we have 24 hours notice. You will not be charged any extra when the service resumes as long as it is not longer than 2 weeks. Any periods longer than that, if the dog has been using the yard, a charge may be applicable, similar to a first time fee.  The only exception to this is our Spring Cleanup offer, in which the free additional service must be taken consecutively after the initial visit.

What about bad weather - do you still turn up?

We work in all but the very worst weather conditions. Very heavy rainfall, lightning or heavy snowfall will prevent us from cleaning your yard. In such circumstances we will endeavor to clean your yard within the next two days. You will only ever be charged for a successful clean-up so if bad weather means your service is missed for an entire week, don’t worry you will not be charged. 

We do work even if it has recently snowed as we know where your dog goes and will dig under the snow to retrieve as much waste as possible - therefore we do not accept cancellations for instances of recent snowfall.  The principle is that what we don’t get this week due to snowfall, we’ll get the next week, or the one after that at no extra cost.

Do you work on holidays?

The days we do not work are New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. If your service falls on one of those days we will clean your yard either directly before or after the holiday.

What do you do with the dog waste?

We don’t believe in leaving the dog waste in your garbage. We take the waste with us in biodegradable plastic bags and dispose of it in designated landfill. We think that this is the best solution for our customers and ensures you don’t have any issues with bad odors.

Can I get a one-time only service?

Yes, we encourage one-time only clean-up’s as we know that at certain times of the year, such as Spring or Fall, some of our customers just need us to come around for one larger job.  We’re happy to do this as it also give us an opportunity to show what we can do. The price starts from from $89 but depends on the number of dogs and the size of the area - you can see our one-time prices here.  We are also happy for you to take on our service for short periods of time, in line with any minimum commitment offers.

How do I start the service?

It’s easy - you can order from this website by clicking here or give us a call/email us and we’ll take down the necessary details for your service to begin.

What if I have more questions after the service has commenced?

We provide every one of our new customers a Welcome Pack which provides a lot of information about our company and our service. But we can answer any question you may have during normal office hours by phone - just give us a call.

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