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Why Choose Pet Waste Professionals for your Dog Pooper Scooper Service Needs?

Pet Waste Professionals specialize in the regular clean up, removal and disposal of dog waste from your lawn and yard areas in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Minneapolis/ St Paul areas.

We are in the business of making life easier and more pleasant for dog owners by helping provide a safe, clean and enjoyable yard that you, your family and pets can enjoy all year long. All for a price lower than you may imagine.

Never scoop again!

A few reasons to use Pet Waste Professionals

  • Dependable, affordable and convenient Dallas dog pooper scooper service backed up by state of the art GPS tracking and routing software ensuring no missed service and operator accountability.
  • All our professional, friendly technicians are uniformed, screened, insured and drive new clearly marked service trucks.
  • We love dogs as much as you do; our service operators are trained in the safe communication and handling of dogs in your yard.
  • Our service helps you comply with most city laws requiring regular clean-up after your pet on your own property.
  • Dog waste is NOT a fertilizer; it kills and discolors your lawn.
  • Dog waste is disease and bacteria ridden which can pose a significant danger to you and your family; especially children.
  • We always leave a flag when we have cleaned your yard, highlighting our visit.
  • It is environmentally responsible to have your dog cleaned up after; storm water run-off carrying dog waste to our rivers and lakes is the largest non-human contributor of bacteria to our waters and also elevates the growth of algae.
  • We use biodegradable plastic bags to collect and dispose of the waste; this ensures faster breakdown in the commercial, designated landfills.
  • Pick-up AND spot treatment with natural enzymes which help speed the breakdown of any remnants in the grass.
  • Removal AND disposal helps avoid bad smelling garbage cans and the attraction of flies.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our service we will return to correct the issue within 24 hours.
  • No contract necessary.

You hate the job, we'd love to do it! Learn more about our dog pooper scooper services.

Pet Waste Flag - Your Yard Has Been Cleaned

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I never have to think about scooping or when it was last done. Thank you.