Pet Waste Professional’s Mission and Vision

As the name suggests, we want to be considered as the most professional pet waste removal company there is. This isn’t just in our service and knowledge of the business, but in the appearance of our operators, trucks and equipment, our customer service, website and computerized office systems. Everything that we do is with this ‘professional’ element in sharp focus.

We are an environmentally-aware organization and believe that the service we are providing significantly helps the environment in terms of removing toxic elements from getting into our rivers and lakes through storm water run-off. In addition we only use bio-degradable bags for the dog waste, environmentally-friendly sprays and detergents, and use route optimization systems with fuel-efficient trucks to minimize fuel wastage.

We also believe in giving something back. That’s why Pet Waste Professionals has donated several thousand dollars to animal welfare charities such as The Animal Humane Society. For more information or to make a donation, click here

Our Minnesota routes are full at this time. Please visit our website later again.